2016 is here and it’s time to get caught up with some blog posts! Let’s kick off the new year with this wonderful Millbridge Court wedding. Kristina & Dominic were married on a beautiful autumn day in mid October at St Mary’s Church, Frensham.

Kristina and her bridesmaids got ready in Millbridge Court’s stunning Bridal Prep Suite. It’s pretty rare in my experience to find a venue with a room dedicated purely to getting ready. The suite at Millbridge Court isn’t a large bedroom, but rather a space dedicated purely to getting glammed up and dressed for the wedding day. Space, seating, proper makeup tables/mirrors – the works. Very cool indeed. Kristina was looked after in the morning by hairdresser Debbie from Artisan Hair House and makeup artist Alison Smith. Alison and I have worked together a fair few times over the years and her work is just fantastic. She’s a wonderfully calm presence, her makeup is gorgeous and she always has her brides ready on time! Kristina was cool as a cucumber all morning. Utterly chill. That always impresses me. I’m getting married myself this year and I think I’ll probably be a nervous wreck!

St Mary’s Church, Frensham is just round the corner from Millbridge Court – a three minute drive – and I met up with Dominic and his groomsmen there. Dom’s an absolutely lovely guy, one of the friendliest people I’ve ever met, and mad about rugby – which is good as I am too! Kristina made her arrival, via vintage Jag, and it was time for lift-off. Rev Jane Walker who married Kris & Dom was a complete gem. Some vicars have an ‘altar side manner’ which is just perfect for their vocation and Jane is very much one of those.

Following the ceremony it was back to Millbridge Court, where drinks and seriously amazing looking canapés were served by Kalm Kitchen while Kristina & Dominic’s guests were entertained by singer/songwriter Gavin Thomas. It was at this stage that I realised that the reason I recognised Doug, Dominic’s usher, was that he’d also been an usher at Rob & Gemma’s wedding which I shot way back in 2012. He’s a bit of a giggle. Exceptional dance floor value.

The Millbridge Court wedding team are fantastic. Between Laura on the venue front, and Lara on the Kalm Kitchen side of things, they have everything well and truly covered. I don’t know what inspired the name Kalm Kitchen, but it pretty much does what it says on the tin. Photographing the plating of the food is usually a case of crossing myself, dodging waiting staff and hoping that a shouty chef doesn’t throw a utensil at me. Not so with Kalm Kitchen. The whole kitchen was… for want of a better word… ‘zen’ and the food that emerged was divine. Impressive stuff. To add to the excellence, it was great to work alongside the prodigiously talented Kate Avery Flowers. Her work, as you’ll see below, is seriously good.

If you haven’t gathered already, Kristina & Dominic’s day was a pleasure to photograph. Lovely people, great vibe. Tremendous location, excellent suppliers. Well planned, perfectly executed. This is how it’s done people. As usual, here are a selection of my favourites. Thanks to Kris & Dom for having me – congratulations you guys! Later this year I’ll be photographing Kristina’s brother Richard’s wedding. He’s marrying Kristina’s bridesmaid, Caroline. Cannot wait.  Also looking forward to my next Millbridge Court wedding!

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BEAUTIFUL! Your work is stunning Tony and you have captured a collect of memories Kristina and Dominic will cherish forever x

Thanks Debs! You are too kind! Hope all is well in the west!

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